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The insulation inside a home is its number one defense against natural elements such as cold and heat. During winter months insulation is responsible for keeping warm air in and cold air out, while in the summer the insulation is doing the exact opposite. This is why having a properly insulated home has such a tremendous effect on comfort and affordable utilities.

A home that is without a proper amount of insulation will be uncomfortable year around and cost a fortune to heat and cool. This is especially true for homes located in colder climates such as Minnesota. One way to determine if a home is properly insulated is to consult with an insulation contractor over the matter. After scheduling a consultation it is wise to know what questions need to be answered about a particular Twin Cities homes insulation needs.

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What Your Need To Know About Insulation Ratings

Learning about insulation and how it affects a home is important so the appropriate questions can be directed to a contractor. One important thing to learn about is the rating of insulation. Insulation is rated by its ability to resist heat flow,and is labeled in an easy manner to understand. Insulation with high R-values works harder and best to keep a home or building warm or cool.

Asking an insulation contractor what the approximate R-value is of the home’s current insulation, and if it needs to be increased is important to do during a consultation. Often a home in MN needs to have the current insulation boosted by adding more insulation. Another thing that is important to ask during the consultation is what type of insulation a contractor recommends for a home.

Many issues will affect the answer given for this question. The exterior and interior walls of a Minnesota home will determine how to add insulation to increase the R-value. The crawl and attic spaces of a home will additionally have an effect on what which insulation will be best for a home. Because MN battles very cold winter weather some types and ratings of insulation will work while others may prove to be useless against the cold.

Identifying The Areas of Your Home That Need Additional Insulation

By taking an overall assessment of a home a Minnesota insulation contractor will locate every area that needs additional insulation. Depending upon the ability to access an area a contractor will decide which insulation should be used. Asking which insulation a contractor thinks is best and why they have come to that conclusion is definitely a good question to ask during a consultation. Discussing the insulation a contractor recommends and comparing the effectiveness of it with the overall cost of the materials as well as the labor to install it will be another important topic to address.

Understanding The Types of Insulation You Have To Choose From

There are several types of insulation that can be used, such as the traditional roll of fiberglass insulation, as well as panels made of Styrofoam and panels made of foam. In addition there are blow in types of insulation that are composed of recycled materials such as newspaper and other materials that have insulation properties. Each of these has different levels of difficulty when it comes to installing them in homes that are already insulated.

Considering the ease of blow in types of insulation and their cost effective nature should be something to bring up to a Minnesota insulation contractor. Asking how soon and how long it will take for the job to be started and completed is also an important thing to ask. Getting a home insulated as soon as an obvious need arises is crucial to saving money, as well as reducing a household’s carbon footprint.

While considering the environment, if a MN homeowner prefers to live a green lifestyle they should bring that up to the contractor. Asking about the most environmentally friendly insulation available is important to keep a green lifestyle even while considering insulation. Many Minnesota contractors may recommend a blow in insulation due to it being manufactured from recycled materials and its ease of installation.

In addition to being convenient and ecologically friendly, recycled insulation is surprisingly effective. By blowing massive amounts of this insulation into attic spaces and walls where permitting, a building of any type will immediately benefit from lower utility bills. The rooms in the building will automatically become easier to heat and cool.

The Impact of Insulation on Energy Consumption and Energy Bills

If the contractor uses enough of the blow in type of insulation to create a higher R-value rating utility bills will be considerably lower. Depending upon preferences, this type of insulation might just be the answer for MN residents looking for a less expensive utility bill, a way to reduce their carbon footprint, all while saving money on materials. Doing a bit of price shopping at a building supply store to compare the cost of insulation types against each other can help an individual be prepared to do some price comparisons before speaking with a contractor.

Though insulation prices are easy to compare while browsing a building supply store in Minnesota it is wise to remember that some contractors get discounts on supplies. Another thing to remember is that it costs a contractor money and time to gather supplies and they may charge a set fee for this task. Asking the insulation contractor what their fees are for this and any other additional labor is definitely important.

Getting More Than One Opinion

Before committing to having insulation installed it is wise to seek at least one or more other opinions from other MN contractors that specialize in the installation of insulation. Comparing the charges among the contractors can help save money and help home and business owners find the perfect company to do the job at hand. One other important thing to ask a Minnesota contractor is whether or not they can provide references from previous clients.

Be sure to check a company’s reputation before hiring them, this can save a lot of headache and money in the long run. Being armed with questions and knowing the answers for many of them will definitely help find the perfect contractor for the job. Properly insulating a home is crucial to so many factors so it is wise to be prepared and able to choose the right MN contractor for the job.


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